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Na kterém typu kola jezdíte nebo byste jezdili nejraději?

Borrowing Rules

1. Electro-bike means a bicycle equipped with an electric motor with a rated power of 250 W and Lion battery that is approved for use on public roads.

2. If not in the lease agreement (the agreement) otherwise only person mentioned in the contract, has the right to use borrowed equipment (electric bikes and accessories) 

3.  Borrower is obliged t pay a refundable deposit according to the retal price list.

4.  Borrower is obliged to submit  at least two of the following documents:

  • valid identity card of a citizen of the Czech Republic (or proof of permanent residence in the Czech Republic for foreigners)
  • valid passport
  • valid driver's license of an EU citizen

5.   Borrower may  be a person of legal age (ie older than 18 years or a person who is recognized by the courts as an adult), which is fully legal capacity.  Lessor reserves the right not to enter into a contract with the person who is a reasonable concern that while the use of electric may cause harm to himself or to third parties. These are mainly people under the influence of narcotic substances.

6.  Rental is payable immediately after signing the contract.

7.  Borrower is obliged to check the technical condition of the electric bike prior to signing the rental agreement and  rental payment.

8.  Borrower takes full responsibility for borrowed items from signing the contract till the time when these items are returned to the lessor.

9. Riding electric bike is at own risk of the borrower. Throughout the duration of the lease lessor shall have no liability for damages caused by the borrower or with borrowed subject:

- to his own property

- to other items

- to other persons

- to the health of the borrower

10. Borrower takes responsibility for all of the electric bikes and accessories according to the signed contract.

11. In case of damage, loss or theft of the rental object borrower is obliged to report immediately this fact to the lessor. In case of theft the borrower is obliged to report this fact to the Police in the event that the damage is higher than CZK 5,000.

12. If borrowed electric bikes not returned in the term, the borrower is obliged to pay the arrears of rent for the period that exceeded the original term of the rent

13. In case of loss or theft of borrowed things borrower is obliged to pay the price of these things specified in the contract

14. The lessor has the right to use deposit to pay damages and claims against him arising from the borrower..

15. Borrower agrees to pay all costs associated with the repair of the borrowed object within ten days of receipt of invoice and call for payment, if the payment is not covered fully by paid deposit.

16. Principles of proper use of electric bikes are part of the contract and borrower confirms that he was familiar with them and will follow them in ful.

17. Borrowed electric bike can be used only for non-commercial purposes. Any other purpose must be consulted with the lessor.